Published: Aug 30, 2016

Bayesian Approach for Constant-Stress Accelerated Life Testing for Kumaraswamy Weibull Distribution with Censoring

407-428 Abeer Abd-Alla EL-Helbawy, Gannat Ramadan AL-Dayian, Hoda Ragab Rezk

Improved Exponential Type Estimators for Finite Population Mean in Stratified Random Sampling

429-441 Nursel Koyuncu

Topp–Leone Family of Distributions: Some Properties and Application

443-451 Ali Al-Shomrani, Osama Arif, A Shawky, Saman Hanif, Muhammad Qaiser Shahbaz

Risk Forecasting of Karachi Stock Exchange: A Comparison of Classical and Bayesian GARCH Models

453-465 Farhat Iqbal

Estimation of Finite Population Mean and Superpopulation Parameters when the Sampling Design is Informative and Nonresponse Mechanism is Nonignorable

467-489 Abdulhakeem Eideh

Hierarchical Bayes Small Area Estimation under a Unit Level Model with Applications in Agriculture

491-506 Nageena Nazir, Shakeel Ahmad Mir, M.Iqbal Jeelani Bhat

Improved Ratio-type Estimators of Population Mean In Ranked Set Sampling Using Two Concomitant Variables

507-518 Lakhkar Khan, Javid Shabbir

Approximate Bayes Estimators of the Logistic Distribution Parameters Based on Progressive Type-II Censoring Scheme

519-531 Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed, Ahmed Rashad Moussa, Mohammed Yusuf Abdelaziz

Bayesian Analysis of the Weibull lifetimes under type-I Ordinary Right Censored Samples

533-545 Muhammad Saqib, Irum Sajjad Dar

Remarks on a paper of Ahmad, Ahmad and Ahmed

547-550 Dr. G.G. Hamedani