Published: Jan 1, 2007

Detection Procedure for a Single Additive Outlier and Innovational Outlier in a Bilinear Model

1-5 Azami Zaharim, Ibrahim Ahmad, Ibrahim Mohamed, Mohd Sahar Yahaya

An Analysis of the Survival times of the Patients with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) using Cox Proportional Hazard Model with changing form of the Hazard Function

7-12 Bahrawar Jan, Iftikharud Din

Dynamic Panel Data Model for Investment, Real Value and Capital Stock Data

13-17 G. R. Pasha, Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Abdullah

Mixture Distributions and the Construction of Reference Ranges for Biochemical parameters

19-30 Shahid Kamal, Clive J. Lawrence, Vivian F. Trewin, Aisha Sekandar

Predictive strength of classical risk factors of coronary artery disease among pre-menopausal females in Punjab

31-34 Sohail Chand, Shahid Kamal

Bivariate Rayleigh Distribution and its Properties

35-38 Ahmad Saeed Akhter, Abdul Samad Hirai

Modified Weighted Kaplan-Meier Estimator

39-44 Mohammad Shafiq, Shuhrat Shah, M. Alamgir

Test S of Haplotype Concordance and Discordance

45-52 Mahnaz Khattak, Shuhrat Shah, Salahud Din

Evaluation of Risk Factors of HCV infection in Lahore, (Pakistan)

53-58 Rao Muhammad Ijaz, Ahmad Saeed Akhter

A New Approximate Formula for Variance of Horvitz–Thompson Estimator using first order Inclusion Probabilities

59-62 Muhammad Qaiser Shahbaz, Muhammad Hanif

Estimating HIES Data through Ratio and Regression Methods for Different Sampling Designs

63-73 Faqir Muhammad, Ayesha Anis