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Peña and Rodríguez (2002) introduced a portmanteau test for time series which turns out to be more powerful than those proposed by Ljung and Box (1986) and Monti (1994), and approximated its distribution by means of a two-parameter gamma random variable. A polynomially adjusted beta approximation is proposed in this paper. This approximant is based on the moments of the statistic, which can be estimated by simulation or determined by symbolic computations or numerical integration. Various types of time series processes such as AR(1), MA(1), ARMA(2,2) are being considered. The proposed approximation turns out to be nearly exact.


Portmanteau test Moments Gamma approximation Beta approximation Symbolic computation.

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Provost, S. B., Sanjel, D., & Sheng, S. Z. (2012). On the Distribution of the Peña Rodríguez Portmanteau Statistic. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 8(3), 415-432.