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I first met Distinguished Professor Dr. Mir Masoom Ali at the International Conference on Mathematics and Statistics held in Athens, Greece in 2007. He was there as an invited speaker and he also chaired my session.

After my session we had a chance to chat on our way to the restaurant where the banquet was held.  Even though it was the first time we hadmet, he was very kind to me.  He was there with his wife Firoza (Leena) Ali. They looked great together.  Family is the most important part of our lives.  It was immediately apparent to me that Professor Ali, apart from being an outstanding statistician and a great teacher, is also a dedicated husband, father and grandfather. We have always kept in touch since our first meeting. I am very lucky to have had a chance to recently collaborate with him in a research paper. It is also a great honor for me to have been asked to serve as a guest editor for this special issue and to be able to be part of this undertaking to celebrate Dr. Ali’s 75th birthday anniversary. To some people, age is only an indicator of the year they were born but inside they feel much younger. Professor Ali is onesuch person who not only looks very young both physically and emotionally for his age but who also has the personality and mentality of a very active younger person. That is why I have chosen the title "Mir Masoom Ali: A Distinguished and Dedicated Statistician Who Never Gets Old - Even at Seventy-Five."



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Alin, A. (2012). Mir Masoom Ali: A Distinguished and Dedicated Statistician Who Never Gets Old – Even at Seventy-Five. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 8(3), 293-299.