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On accommodating the factors influencing the sports results by splitting the order effect in paired comparison experiments


Bradley-Terry model; Goodness of fit; Home advantage; Maximum likelihood (ML) estimates; Paired comparisons; Ranking; Toss-result effect.


The results of sport contests depend upon a lot. In this article, an attempt is made to accommodate the factors influencing the sports-results by proposing a model for paired comparison experiments that splits the order effect into its components. The proposed model can be used to study the effects of all the components of the order effect separately. For instance, we study only two components of the order effect. The maximum likelihood estimates of the worth parameters are found and the plausibility of the proposed model is checked. Real data set is collected on five top-ranked one-day-international cricket teams and is used to illustrate the estimation procedure.





Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research; Vol 8. No. 1, 2012

Print ISSN: 1816-2711 | Electronic ISSN: 2220-5810