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Validation of the Odd Lindley Exponentiated Exponential by a ModiÖed Goodness of Fit Test with Applications to Censored and Complete Data


Exponential distribution, Censored data, Goodness-of-t, Nikulin-Rao-Robson, Maximum Likelihood, Right Censoring, Simulation


In this paper, we Örst introduse a new extension of the exponentiated exponential distribution along with its several mathematical properties. Second, we construct a modiÖed Chi-squared goodness-of-Öt test based on the Nikulin-Rao-Robson statistic in presence of censored and complete data. We describe the theory and the mechanism of the Y 2 n statistic test which can be used in survival and reliability data analysis. We use the maximum likelihood estimators based on the initial non grouped data sets. Then, we conduct numerical simulations to reinforce the results. For showing the applicability of our model in various Öelds, we illustrate it and the proposed test by applications to two real data sets for complete data case and two other right censored data sets.





Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research; Vol. 15 No. 3, 2019

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