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A new lifetime model is introduced and studied. The major justi…cation for the practicality of the new model is based on the wider use of the Lomax model. We are also motivated to introduce the new model since the density of the new distribution exhibits various important shapes such as the unimodal, right skewed and left skewed. The new model can be viewed as a mixture of the exponentiated Lomax distribution. It can also be considered as a suitable
model for testing the symmetric, left skewed, right skewed and unimodal data. The maximum likelihood estimation method is used to estimate the model parameters. We prove empirically the importance and ‡exibility of the new model in modeling two types of aircraft windshield lifetime data sets. The proposed lifetime model is much better than gamma Lomax, beta Lomax, exponentiated Lomax and Lomax models so the exponentiated Lomax, model is a good alternative to these models in modeling aircraft windshield data.

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Abo Raya, M. (2019). A New Extension of the Lomax Distribution with Properties and Applications to Failure Times Data. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 15(2), 461-479.