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In this paper, we shall introduce a new class of generalized complementary compound lifetime distributions which is obtained by compounding generalized Lindley distribution with power series distribution. This new family of continuous lifetime distributions so obtained will be called Complementary Generalized Lindley Power Series (CGLPS) distribution. The proposed class of distribution contains several lifetime distributions as its special cases that are very flexible to accommodate different types of data sets since the probability density function and hazard rate can take up different forms such as increasing, decreasing and upside down bathtub shapes which have been shown through graphs for some selected values of parameters and the potentiality proposed class has been tested statistically by using it to model some real life data set.

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Ahmad, Z., Rashid, A., & Jan, T. R. (2018). Generalized Version of Complementary Lindley Power Series Distribution. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 14(1), 139-155.