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In this paper, a new four-parameter lifetime distribution, called the exponentiated Lomax geometric (ELG) is introduced. The new lifetime distribution contains the Lomax geometric and exponentiated Pareto geometric as new sub-models. Explicit algebraic formulas of probability density function, survival and hazard functions are derived. Various structural properties of the new model are derived including; quantile function, Re'nyi entropy, moments, probability weighted moments, order statistic, Lorenz and Bonferroni curves. The estimation of the model parameters is performed by maximum likelihood method and inference for a large sample is discussed. The flexibility and potentiality of the new model in comparison with some other distributions are shown via an application to a real data set. We hope that the new model will be an adequate model for applications in various studies.


Exponentiated Lomax distribution geometric distribution Maximum likelihood estimation

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Hassan, A. S., & Abdelghafar, M. A. (2017). Exponentiated Lomax Geometric Distribution: Properties and Applications. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 13(3), 545-566.